From campaign to champagne

Congratulations! Your company is having a birthday soon. So now is the right time to start planning your events for the coming period. After all, an anniversary year offers many opportunities to give the ties with employees, business relations and other important stakeholders a considerable boost.

Because the long history and future of the company forms the perfect basis for sharing your special story with others. Where you came from and where you want to go. And that’s preferably done live, person to person. Because that’s what works best.

At Live Impact, we help celebrating companies tell their anniversary story. Since 1998, we’ve been devising refreshing anniversary events that stand out and really make a difference. For you, your employees and your business partners. For a whole year.


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We strongly believe in the power of the anniversary campaign.

It’s an effective way to involve all target groups to the maximum in the anniversary year. Together, we think about which events are most suitable for which target group at which time. This could be an anniversary party for employees or an anniversary conference for your business contacts. We even once organised a high tea for a company celebrating its hundredth birthday for all the 100-year-olds in the city.

So with a good campaign, it's your birthday for a year.

The power of the campaign

Let's dance!

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